How much do you charge?

Itís difficult to give an estimate without first having all the information, but if youíd like a copy of my standard fee schedule, please visit my Contact page and fill out an inquiry form. On that page you can also send me a message including the project description and Iíd be happy to get back to you with a rough estimate. That said, I think youíll find my prices very reasonable, and much cheaper than hiring an agency or bringing on an extra staff member. Since I work from home I have very little overhead, and outsourcing to a freelancer like me saves you money since you only pay me when you need me. Please contact me for more details.

I've never worked with a freelancer before. How does it work?

First off, I'll send you a comprehensive questionnaire that I'll ask you to fill out and return to me. This should tell me just about everything I need to know about your company and your project. You can also forward me any brochures, advertising, or other printed materials you're currently using (or have previously used), so that I can get an overall picture of exactly what you're looking for. We'll discuss the terms and pricing for the project, then I can get started! I'm normally able to deliver the first draft of copy within about 2 weeks of the start date.

What kind of clients do you work for?

I have worked with all sorts of clients, including Marketing Companies, Ad Agencies, Real Estate Agents, Employment Agencies, Financial Planners, Movers, and Healthcare Specialists. I also love a challenge, so just because I havenít written for your specific industry doesnít mean Iím not up for it! (If you'd like to read testimonials from some of my satisfied clients, please click here.)

What if my company is located in a different city or state?

Most clients prefer to schedule phone interviews and utilize email communication whenever possible, so face-to-face meetings may not always be necessary. I will also deliver your final copy via email, so distance is not a problem.

What if I need my project done very quickly?

Ideally I like to have a couple weeks to finish a project, however I understand that sometimes urgent circumstances come up and you need the work done right away. In those cases I ask that you let me know as soon as possible so that I can prioritize my other projects in order to expedite yours. If overtime hours (nights and/or weekends) are required to complete the project by your deadline, we will discuss any extra charges for those hours prior to the start of the project.

What if Iím not 100% satisfied with the final copy?

Iím satisfied when youíre satisfied, so weíll do as many revisions as necessary to make sure youíre happy with the final product.





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